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World's Best 5-in-1 Pet Odor Eliminator & Carpet Stain Remover - 32 Oz. Squeeze Bottle

Spot Chomp With Tetraflex™ Carpet Cleaners

Pet Odor Eliminator is Guaranteed to Permanently Remove Pet Odors & Clean Urine Stains While Adding Stain Resistance to Your Carpet With Every Use!

  • Greater Level of Odor-Eliminating ingredients that permanently eliminate pet odors - guaranteed
  • Barefoot Clean - no chemical residue left behind.
  • Cleans urine stains without damage to your carpet
  • Tetraflex™ resists re-soiling….stains don’t come back!
  • Adds stain resistance with every use
  • Safe for All Types of Carpet

SPOT CHOMP Carpet Cleaners are, quite simply, the finest carpet cleaning products you can buy.  Spot CHOMP is a professional strength product built for you to use in your home, vehicle – anywhere and everywhere you may need!

Cleaning carpet stains is easy – anyone can do it.  Cleaning carpet stains safely by leaving no unwanted residue behind to affect your kids and/or pets – and without damaging your carpet and investment in your home – that takes some thought.  SPOT CHOMP carpet cleaners, the first cleaning products to ever receive the CRI (Carpet & Rug Institute) Seal of Approval, are designed to do just that and more.

Professional Strength Cleaning

Unlike many carpet cleaning products Spot CHOMP has been independently certified to clean without damage to your carpet’s fabric, color or backing. Spot CHOMP products were the first products ever to be tested by, and receive, the Carpet & Rug Institute Seal of Approval – CRI SOA - independent proof that our products clean without damage.

Barefoot Clean - No Chemical Residue Left

Who doesn’t like to walk barefoot on carpet? Chemical residue in your carpet isn’t on anyone’s wish list. Our embrittling technology is a polymer system that causes SPOT CHOMP liquid to become completely brittle as it dries.  All of it is vacuumed away leaving no trace chemicals to contact your skin which improves safety for kids and pets, making your carpet barefoot clean!

Chemical residue acts as a magnet for dirt - its job is to clean so it grabs dirt when it can.   Eventually stains comes back to cleaned areas as  the residue left behind grabs dirt off your shoes every time you walk on the spot. Spot CHOMP embrittling technology eliminates residue so stains don’t come back!

Pet Odor & Urine Response Permanently Eliminate Pet Odors - Guaranteed!

You see the stain with your eyes, your pet sees a stain with their nose. Spot CHOMP Pet Odor and Spot CHOMP Urine Response cleans and eliminates odors – guaranteed! Our Tetraflex polymer system binds up the odor causing molecules making them undetectable to the human, and animal, sense of smell. Again, thanks to Tetraflex and embrittling technology – all the odor VOC’s are captured and vacuumed away leaving your carpet smelling fresh and new and eliminating any spots for your pets to identify and return to!

Adds Stain Resistance With Every Use

Like a booster shot for your carpet’s immune system!  Do you know many carpet spot cleaners strip away the stain resistance (think ScotchGuard™) that comes with your new carpet?  High pH cleaners and or low-cost cleaners relying on commodity chemicals may clean away the stain but they take your carpet’s protection with it and leave a tacky residue behind.  Spot CHOMP’s Tetraflex™ polymer system embrittles soils and adds stain resistance with every use.

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Test in an inconspicuous area to confirm desired results and color fastness. Some stains may cause permanent discoloration of certain fibers. For best results, use immediately - before stain has had a chance to set. For stubborn stains, repeat applications are recommended.

1.) Remove any solid residue and blot excess moisture with a clean, white cloth
2.) Apply Spot CHOMP liberally – saturate area and leave wet for 10 minutes.
3.) Blot gently with a clean, damp, white cloth rubbing towards the center of stain.
4.) Allow to dry completely. Vacuum to restore nap.



It is important to apply product at least one inch beyond stained area as this will allow Spot CHOMP to contact additional soiled area in the carpet pad and help eliminate lingering odors. Let dry thoroughly then vacuum.


You must apply at least "1 Extra Part" Spot CHOMP to 1 part animal urine.  For example, if your pet relieved 4 oz of urine you should apply a minimum of 5 oz of Urine Response. The product must contact all the urine to ensure the Tetraflex polymer binders capture all odor-causing molecules to eliminate them from your carpet, pad and subfloor. Allow to dry completely then vacuum thoroughly. Spot CHOMP’s embrittling technology will ensure all residues are vacuumed away leaving you and your pet a completely clean carpet and urine-free environment.

SPOT CHOMP Carpet Cleaners Contain:
Anionic salt of all natural Lauric acid, Anionic inert polymer (1), Zinc salt of natural Castor Oil derivative, Anionic inert polymer (2), Non-ozone-depleting low vapor-pressure green safe solvent, chelating agent, reducing agent, preservative, water.


We are committed to offering you the very best formulations to help maintain a clean and healthy home. Depending on the application, our products draw from natural based green chemistries, innovative surfactant packages, polymer and bio-based technologies.

We will always offer innovative products that out-perform the competition while providing progressively safer, non-toxic formulations. We put more into our products, so they work hard, and you won’t have to. We will be transparent about product ingredients while protecting our proprietary rights. Finally, know that we only create products that we feel comfortable using in our own homes and around our families. If we didn’t feel this way, we certainly wouldn’t offer the products to you.

World's Best 5-in-1 Pet Odor Eliminator & Carpet Stain Remover - 32 Oz. Squeeze Bottle

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