CHOMP ADVANCED Siding & Gutter Cleaner - 1 Gal.
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Is this product safe to use when shrubs and flowers are directly under gutters that are being cleaned?


Yes!  We had overspray on bushes and grass with no adverse effect.  This product is very good and, no, I don't work for them.  (Answer submitted by Philip Bowman, November 2, 2017)




Will this clean vinyl decking?


I have used on vinyl siding and vinyl railings with great results.  Make sure you get special "smop" to apply.  Was not able to use smop on railings and substituted microfiber closh which worked well.  Weill use gloves next time as it left my hands really dry.  (Answer submitted by Dee H., July 15, 2016)

CHOMP ADVANCED Siding & Gutter Cleaner - 1 Gal.

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"Makes Filthy Siding & Gutters Look New!"

  • Instantly removes black streaks / tiger striping, dirt, grime and mildew
  • No work, scrub-free formula - apply and wipe clean
  • Great for vinyl, lanai and more
  • No ladders needed when used with patented Gutter Smop
  • Dramatically improves your home's appearance
CHOMP ADVANCED World’s Best Siding & Gutter Cleaner with DST Technology is the best cleaner of black stripes / tiger stripes available. Black streaks are dirt and grime that are electrostatically bonded to your gutters and siding making them very difficult to clean. CHOMP’s DST Technology breaks that electro-bond and free floats the dirt and grime so they can be wiped off with an easy swipe. Then rinse and your gutters and siding have that ‘like new’ look again improving the overall appearance of your home. Make your gutters & siding smile again with CHOMP Gutter Cleaner!

Note:  Sold Full Strength for Heavy Duty Cleaning - CAN BE DILUTED!


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