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Home in Hands

Making Powerful Cleaners...Safer!

In 1961 our parent company was started as a chemical distributor/manufacturer in Aurora, IL. It served small and large business throughout the Fox River Valley area and prospered and grew. When the founder wanted to retire, his youngest son, Peter, purchased his equity, took over operations of the business and led the company through continued growth.

Health & Environmental Impact

In the 1990’s, looking at environmental/user impact, he knew the company needed to move towards environmentally and user-friendly solutions as a better way of doing business. In 1997 he founded our current company – originally an operating division of the company his father started nearly 40 years before.

Peter’s father passed away from emphysema. Before he died, he relayed the story of his own father's career in the 1920’s as a research chemist for a large, multi-national chemical firm which manufactured asbestos products. Peter’s grandfather, working with other research chemists, arrived at the conclusion that these products were potentially hazardous to people and posed significant health risks. They even coined a term for the symptoms – Asbestosis (you now know this by its more common name - Mesothelioma). Upon presenting these findings to the company, the Board took immediate action – they fired him, and the other chemists involved. The rest, as they say, is history.

Home in Hands

The lessons learned from his father and grandfather had a direct impact on Peter and formed the basis for our company:


“When you know the right thing, do the right thing”.
Our company motto
“Making Powerful Cleaners…Safer”
is our guiding principle at all times


Like you, we have families and pets too, and we won’t make any product that we wouldn’t be comfortable using around them in our own homes.


This is not to say our products are entirely chemical-free – rather that they are as safe as they can possibly be and still be effective. We achieve this by using all-natural ingredients or investing in innovative ingredients that cost more but do the job effectively and safer than less costly, less safe conventional ingredients found in large market, on-the-shelf, products.

Home in Hands

Products That Are Safer For Your Family

Our original All-Purpose Cleaner is 5X less toxic than baby shampoo. Our carpet cleaning products, first ever to earn Carpet & Rug Institute Seal of Approval, dry completely and are vacuumed away leaving you 100% residue-free carpet. Our bathroom cleaning products are gelled to minimize air-born particles allowing you to breathe easier while cleaning in confined areas.

Tools That Increase Safety

Our commitment is to make the entire cleaning process as safe as possible, we have designed and patented tools that make cleaning tasks easier to do with less strain and added safety.  At Chomp we believe a safer home is a Healthier Home!


Our Promise

We promise that all CHOMP products will be the very best formulation we can offer to help with your cleaning needs while helping you maintain a safer, healthier home environment.

Our Story

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