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Shower Door Magic & Bathroom Magic

Cleaning your bathroom regularly is one of life’s realities –
tub and shower, toilets, sinks, counters, faucets and more.
Added to this are multiple surface materials –
porcelain, tile, marble, fiberglass, stainless steel, chrome and more.

CHOMP Shower Door Magic and Bathroom Magic are
professional strength, nature-based non-abrasive cleaners
that will safely clean and remove
soap scum, calcium, hardwater stains, grease and grime  from all surfaces without damage.
For a healthier home, we avoid using nasty ingredients
found in many bathroom cleaning products.

Our products are gentle on your skin and have a light,
pleasant grapefruit scent – no coughing and gagging when you clean with CHOMP!

Professional Strength Cleaning

Our professional strength, nature based, non-abrasive gel doesn’t only remove hard water stains but also the buildup of calcium, limescale, soap scum and grime. These can be safely removed from glass, lexan, fiberglass, porcelain, sinks and faucets, chrome, tile, stone, granite, corian, brass, aluminum, stainless steel and more. .

Safe to Use Formula

There are no nasty ingredients in Shower Door or Bathroom Magic.  Our eco-friendly cleaner is free of abrasives, silicas and aggressive acids that are hard on your skin and, over time, damage the very surfaces you are trying to clean. Keep your fixtures and surfaces looking like new longer! All the ingredients in our cleaners are naturally derived so you stay clean and green.

Pleasant Citrus Scent

No coughing and gagging with Shower Door and Bathroom Magic.  The mild grapefruit scent of our high-quality stain remover is free of any harsh fumes and so pleasant to use you’ll want to clean more often. Fortunately, it works so well you won’t have to! Our cleaner works fast without damaging any of your floors, walls, doors, sinks or fixtures.

Unique Surface Protection

Shower Door and Bathroom Magic are formulated with Scum Shield™, our proprietary polymer barrier technology that resists build-up for weeks. By utilizing this unique chemistry that keeps surfaces clean for much longer, Scum Shield can help ease your heavy cleaning load every time you use it!

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