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5-In-1 All Purpose Cleaner Kid Safe Pet Safe Trigger Spray - 32 Oz.

Kid Safe, Pet Safe!

  • No nasty chemicals to dry, irritate or harm your skin
  • Protects your family and pets from toxic exposures - lab tested 5X less toxic than baby shampoo*
  • Natural pleasant citrus scent, no chemical odors, no dyes
  • Better for your home and environment, Eco-friendly solution
  • No VOC’s, Non-GMO, Non-toxic, bio-degradable, cruelty free
  • Streakless and residue free
  • Powerful formula is safe and great for use on chrome, counters, floors, furniture, granite, quartz, marble, sinks, counters, tables, toys, clothes, cabinets, car seats
  • Safe for ANY washable surface
  • Safe for greywater and septic systems
  • Contains no phosphates, SLS, SLES, sulfates, caustics, dyes, chlorine, petrochemicals, ammonia or bleach

Your go-to cleaner for life’s everyday messes, CHOMP All Purpose Cleaner is pH neutral, fragrance free, non-toxic and completely bio-degradable. Lab tested* 5X less toxic than baby shampoo, CHOMP All Purpose is the (1) cleaner proven effective in a wide variety of applications that will leave your home free of any unwanted chemical residues.

A Truly Safe and Effective All Purpose Cleaner

CHOMP All Purpose Cleaner is a probiotic base cleaner that cleans grease and oil from all kitchen surfaces, great for hardwood and tile floors, and tremendous laundry pre-spotter - yet 5X less toxic than baby shampoo. The ideal go to cleaner for family households, CHOMP will handle everyday chores and keep your home healthy and safe.

Natural Citrus Scent

Orange and grapefruit oil derivatives give CHOMP a light citrus scent – no artificial fragrances.

Great for Laundry

Used as a spot pre-treatment for grass, chocolate, wine, even blood stains, CHOMP is a wonderful boost for your laundry.

Every Surface Every Purpose

Kitchen, bath, floors, laundry, cars and vans – anywhere a mess needs cleaning up…especially around kids and pets – CHOMP All Purpose is the cleaner to reach for!

*5X less toxic – lab tested using toxic exposure on mitochondrial cells that serve as 99% accurate predictor for human toxicity. No testing done on live organisms.

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Test in an inconspicuous area to confirm desired results.
1.) Apply CHOMP.
2.) Wipe clean with a cloth, sponge or paper towel.
3.) For stubborn soils, let CHOMP sit for several minutes.
4.) Agitate and wipe clean. Stubborn soils may require repeat applications.

Pretreatment for food/drink stains, oil, grease, blood and grass stains.
-Spray area saturating thoroughly.
-Launder on usual settings.

Dash, cloth and leather upholstery, trim, wheels, brake dust.
-Spray and wipe clean.


CHOMP All Purpose Multi-Surface Cleaner contains:
Purified Water, Decyl Glucoside (Vegetable-Based Cleanser), 3 types of Alcohol Ethoxylate (Plant-Based Cleanser), Citric Acid (Plant-Based pH Neutralizer), Sodium Citrate (Plant-Based pH Neutralizer), Natural Fragrance, Biodegradable Preservative.


We are committed to offering you the very best formulations to help maintain a clean and healthy home. Depending on the application, our products draw from natural based green chemistries, innovative surfactant packages, polymer and bio-based technologies.

We will always offer innovative products that out-perform the competition while providing progressively safer, non-toxic formulations. We put more into our products, so they work hard, and you won’t have to. We will be transparent about product ingredients while protecting our proprietary rights. Finally, know that we only create products that we feel comfortable using in our own homes and around our families. If we didn’t feel this way, we certainly wouldn’t offer the products to you.

5-In-1 All Purpose Cleaner Kid Safe Pet Safe Trigger Spray - 32 Oz.

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