About Us

CHOMP & CHOMP Advanced 

Many of you know us through our famous CHOMP Brand of World’s Best Cleaning Products – WP CHOMP World’s Best Wallpaper Stripper, Spot CHOMP World’s Best Carpet Stain Remover, Pull It Out Oil Stain Remover, World’s Best Gutter Cleaner and more.

What, Exactly, Is CHOMP Advanced?  

The CHOMP Advanced line of products is available exclusively through our online store, shop.chompsolutions.com.  They will not be available at any retail store. The Advanced products deliver better cleaning performance and/or increased cleaning economies because of their unique, advanced formulation.

How many times have you heard or seen retailers advertise, "we’ll meet or match any advertised price"? Retailers constantly pressure suppliers for better pricing/lower costs so they can maintain or increase their operating profits without raising prices. By selling directly to you, our customer, we eliminate the middle man – the retailer – and their never-ceasing demand to continually lower costs. Instead of concentrating on putting money into a retailers’ bottom line by cutting costs, we can do what we want to do – build the best possible product and sell it directly to you, our true customer.

Making Powerful Cleaners Safer...

It has been our stated goal from the beginning. CHOMP Advanced Products, available exclusively through shop.chompsolutions.com, help us fulfill that promise!