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CHOMP Gutter Smop

"Makes Filthy Siding & Gutters Look New!"

  • Clean all your gutters safely from the ground
  • Mircofiber mitt safe for all surfaces
  • Fits all standard screw-on extension poles
  • Conforms to different gutter profile shapes
  • Use with CHOMP Gutter Cleaner to instantly remove black streaks / tiger striping
  • Machine washable for multiple uses

The patented CHOMP Gutter Smop was designed with one thought in mind – to allow you, the home owner, a fast, easy and safe way to clean black streaks / tiger stripes from your gutters and improve your home’s overall appearance.

This Smop – part sponge, part mop – screws onto any standard extension pole (Acme thread) and is the perfect profile to clean gutters and trim. Its lightweight design makes it easy to use at greater heights. The sponge allows the Smop to conform to different gutter profiles while the microfiber noodle material gently wipes the surface clean. Similar to a ‘Touch Free’ car wash,

Our CHOMP World’s Best Gutter Cleaner, with DST Technology, free floats the dirt and grime on your gutters and the Smop then wipes the surface clean. Just like that you have sparkling clean, ‘like new’ gutters – no ladders, no mess, no sweat!

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Q. Will these fit on any standard sized extension pole or must you buy the Mr. Long Arm pole?

A. Yes!  (Answer submitted by Sharon Devito, May 29, 2017)


Q. Is the Gutter SMOP washable?

A. Yes, take the microfiber mitt off the plastic base and rinse with clean water and squeeze excess water out. Let dry. Do not put in dryer.


Q. Can the gutter SMOP be used on other surfaces?

A. Yes. It is ideal to wash door and window frames, vinyl and aluminum siding, garage doors,


Q. Is the Gutter SMOP colorfast?

A. Yes. Colors will not run. It can be used in bleach based solutions.


Q. Can the gutter SMOP be used on windows?

A.Yes, but not with the gutter cleaner solution. If using the gutter smop to clean windows, rinse the smop clean so no cleaning solution remains in the mitt. Pour window cleaner in a bucket and wash the windows. Rinse and let dry.



CHOMP Gutter Smop

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