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Boy Washing a Wall

5 Minute CleanWalls

Air quality in your home is vitally important
to your overall health.  You want what is best
for you and your family, yet studies have shown
 indoor air quality is generally worse than outdoor air quality. 
Reducing dust, allergens and fungal spores in
your home will help everyone breathe and sleep better.

Think about it – for every floor in your house you have
4 walls and a ceiling.  Regularly cleaning them will reduce
irritating contaminants and improve the
overall health of your home environment.

5 Minute CleanWalls makes this task fast, easy and safe.
Cleaned walls add a sparkle to rooms and
our everyday cleaner leaves a fresh,
pleasant scent that helps eliminate mal-odors.

Breathe & Sleep Better With Improved Indoor Air Quality

Dust, allergens, cooking oils, grease and grime are on your walls and contribute to congestion and allergies which make breathing and getting restorative sleep more difficult. You can eliminate these contaminants fast, easy and safe using our 5 Minute CleanWalls. Spray on then wipe off and you’ve taken one more step towards a healthier home.

Instantly Make Rooms Smell Great

Deodorize with no nasty ingredients using our 5 Minute Everyday Cleaner.  Our eco-friendly cleaner is safe for all painted surfaces, free of abrasives and contains a unique fragrance that deodorizes and eliminates malodors – rooms will smell fresh longer.

Quickly Gives Painted Walls That "Like-New" Look

Cleaning your walls with 5 Minute CleanWalls Microfiber Tool and Cleaner will refresh the paint and make it look like new. You’ll be surprised what a difference it makes – like getting a new painted room at a fraction of the cost and without the time and hard work.

Easily Clean High & Low - No Ladders, No Bending

Our patented 5 Minute CleanWalls tool uses a microfiber mitt for dry dusting, damp wipe and wet wash cleaning. The tool fits any standard screw on handle or extension pole.  You can clean at floor level without bending over or getting down on hands and knees – no back strain or sore joints! Equally important, you can clean any height wall and ceiling safely from the ground – no ladders or risk of fall (eliminate the #1 most common injury in homes). 5 Minute CleanWalls also gives you a quick and easy way to clean baseboards, all while working from a safe and comfortable standing position.

5 Minute Clean Walls

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