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Toxins That Contact Your Skin Can be
Absorbed Into Your Body

Did you know you can rub garlic on your ankle and taste it in your mouth?  Regardless of the source – cleaners, deodorants, clothing or more  toxins that contact your skin can be absorbed into your body.

At CHOMP our mission is to make powerful cleaners safer – safer for you, safer for what you’re cleaning, and safer for our environment. Our innovative cleaning technologies can help you achieve a healthier home.


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All-Purpose Cleaner

5X Less Toxic Than Baby Shampoo
  • Safe for Any Washable Surface & Fabric
  • Free of Nasty Chemicals - Naturally Safer Than Baby Shampoo
  • Fresh Natural Scent
  • 99.5% Natural


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Tub & Bathroom

Lightly Gelled for Easy Breathing & Great Cleaning!
  • Cleans Soap Scum & Hard Water Deposits in Minutes
  • Fresh Natural Scent - No Chemical Smell  
  • Natural Ingredients - Safer to Use  
  • Cleans Without Damaging Surfaces


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Carpet Cleaning

Barefoot Clean - No Chemical Residue Left Behind!
  • Professional Strength Cleaning
  • Adds Stain Resistance With Every Use
  • Permanently Eliminates Odors
  • Cleans Without Damaging Your Carpet


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5 Minute Clean Walls

Breathe & Sleep Better With Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Removes Dust & Allergens; Deoderizes Malodors
  • Instantly Make Rooms Smell Great
  • Quickly Gives Painted Walls a Like-New Look
  • Easily Clean High and Low Without Bending or Ladders


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